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Visual storytelling is the most powerful way to engage and motivate customers to want to do business with you.  Video engages us on a deeper emotional level – the primary driver for most of our decisions – than any other medium.

  Shaping and channeling the viewer’s emotional experience into a choice to do business with you is our speciality; we are deeply committed in telling your story in a beautiful, visually compelling way. More importantly, we understand the power of visual storytelling to motivate action; the action of your prospective customer deciding to do business with you.

  Showing an audience what you can do for them – rather than just telling them – embodies your business with life and vitality, elevating it from “one of many” to a unique company that clearly communicates to customers – both new and existing – the benefits of them choosing you. Before we shoot anything we focus on your story; we don’t just want to document what you do, we strive to bring it to life, to inject it with the beauty, passion, quality and attention to detail that makes your work unique.

  Once we’re aligned with your core process on the one hand – and, crucially, your marketing objectives on the other – we start crafting your video, one that will convey both the emotional benefits your work brings to your customer as well as the practical ones.  As a consequence we proudly choose to focus on fewer clients ourselves, so that we can give each one the depth of care and attention that crafting a powerful – and effective – video demands.

  Since all of our work is designed to do one thing – help you capture new business, or grow existing accounts, through the power of visual storytelling – every video is bespoke; we don’t offer an “off the peg” nor “one-size-fits-all” solution. As such, the investment in a video is also bespoke, ranging from £900 to £4,000, depending on the specific needs of your business (e.g. how many shooting days, number of cameramen, complexity of edit, securing exceptional music, etc).

  That said, once we’ve got a more complete understanding of your specific needs, we will certainly be able to give you a more accurate estimate, before you commit to anything.  To that end, if you’d like to discuss a little further how we can help you win more business via the power of a compelling video then please drop myself a line for a friendly and relaxed chat!

  We look forward to crafting your story.


I wanted to thank you and Ongmarstudios for your personal input and diligence into both the filming and production of the videos you have produced for our business. 
Apart from doing a great job of the filming process, we found your insightful approach to our business most helpful in formatting the final story we wanted to convey.
I am certain that any business faced with the modern world of communicating itself to the public would benefit from your companies approach and experience to bring out the best in what the company has to offer.
I look forward to working with you again very soon.

Valentino Salon

Davide has produced a series of films for us over the past few years in order to help us to articulate our Company message and I would genuinely describe him as an Auteur. He seems to have a knack for getting under the skin of a product and this allows him to produce uniquely effecting and emotional narratives and a visual/sound landscape which speaks directly to the viewer in a way that I personally have never encountered before. Davide is not another slick, formulaic, video production machine but a true one-off and his work went way beyond what we expected, with his films reflecting the message which we wished to convey in a language and style that was incredibly personal and vibrant. He simply has an artistry and a handmade-ness to his work: the true mark of an artist. I wouldn't work with anyone else.

Tim Dolby 
Dolby & Taylor 

I first worked with Davide Ongaro and OngmarStudios in 2012 when I was looking to put some video content on my website. Davide could not have been more helpful and professional and what he produced certainly enhanced my website and exposure in the online world. From filming to editing the results were superb. We then worked together again on producing my iBook “The Health Equation – A Way of Life", which included the filming and editing of 10 video clips of me preparing and cooking food to the nutritional concepts we now teach all of our patients. The video content was a major part of the iBook and a major success. Not only is Davide supremely gifted in what he does professionally, more importantly we have become lifelong friends. I can thoroughly recommend him and OngmarStudios.

Gerry Gajadharsingh, DO Osteopath
The Health Equation 

Davide has been able to create showreels for my business, that not only have been spot on in terms of the objectives and vision that we wanted to achieve but in fact exceeded expectations and further inspired the way I developed the business going further... It is a rare combination to find a media professional with the skills to bring to life a business idea, as well as being innovative in proposing his own ideas and executing a task from A to Z with care and precision and a great deal of style...

Ali Fateh
Hospitality Projects Developer and Restaurateur

It has been a great experience working with OngmarStudios. Davide understood immediately what we were looking for and crafted a video that represents exactly who we are. We would not hesitate to recommend OngmarStudios to our clients.

Francis Gorini, Sound Engineer 
London Mastering Studio